Dr. Aaron Juni is a formally trained licensed clinical neuropsychologist with extensive training and specialization in neuroscience and neuropsychology. He has a Master's degree in Neuroscience from Queens College and a doctoral degree in clinical neuropsychology from the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City. After his graduate training, he attended a year-long internship in clinical neuropsychology and health psychology at the Indiana Neuroscience Institute, in Indianapolis Indiana, followed by two more years at a post-doctoral fellowship program in neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, where we was the recipient of an Advanced Rehabilitation Research Training grant. 

Before opening the Neuropsychology Center of Maryland, Dr. Juni served on the faculty of Johns Hopkins   University as an Assistant Professor in the Division of Rehabilitation Psychology and Neuropsychology, where he lecturing on topics related to neuropsychology and rehabilitation, mentored post doctoral fellows in neuropsychology, and was the primary neuropsychologist of the Johns Hopkins Outpatient NeuroRehabilitation Program.

Dr. Juni is an accomplished scientist practitioner. He is the author of numerous book chapters, has many published papers in prestigious, peer-reviewed scientific journals and has given dozens of scientific presentations at national and international conferences. He is active in numerous professional organizations and continues to serve as a reviewer for peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Dr. Juni's extensive multidisciplinary scientific and clinical training in neuroscience, neurospsychology, clinical psychology and rehabilitation psychology have enabled him to develop a synthesized and integrated clinical approach that he brings to bear upon the assessment, interpretation, treatment and interactions with clients and their families. The goal of a neuropsychological evaluation is not merely to assess cognitive status and present a diagnosis; rather, to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the individual's abilities, thoughts, feelings and goals have been affected by their condition. Dr. Juni then uses this information to work closely with the client and their family to ensure they understand the full implications of the findings, know what to expect in the future and provide them with a detailed follow-up plan which includes specific treatment recommendations and referrals for additional services.

In essence, the e
valuation serves as a springboard for education, treatment and behavior change to maximize client outcomes, functional independence and quality of life.