Out of Network Coverage and PPO Benefits

Due to recent changes in healthcare laws and insurance policies, the Neuropsychology Center of Maryland is ceasing participation in insurance panels and is considered an out-of-network provider with all insurance companies

On the day of service, you will be expected to pay the full cost of services via cash or credit card. If desired, we will gladly bill your insurance an an out-of-network provider. As services were already paid for in full on the day of visit, we will not accept assignment. This means that if your insurance policy includes out-of-network benefits, your insurance company will you directly.

Most PPO insurance plans offer out-of-network benefits. As neuropsychological services are typically covered under medical benefits, you will likely be eligible for substantial reimbursement once the deductible (or out-of-network deductible) has been met. Please note that services provided to assess educational achievement/aptitude/delays such as learning disability evaluations and psychoeducational testing are typically not covered by health insurance carriers

Benefit packages and policies vary greatly between plans. To determine out-of-network eligibility, reimbursement rates and policies, contact your insurer directly via the Customer Service number on the back of your card prior to scheduling an appointment. Our office does not have the capability to verify eligibility and benefits on your behalf.  

Service Fees

The cost for comprehensive clinical neuropsychological evaluations (up to 10 direct contact hours over 2-3 visits): including diagnostic interview with patient and family, record review, neurobehavioral examination, standardized cognitive and psychological assessment (w/o academic testing), with written report and 1-hour follow-up feedback session is $2,500 for adults (18+) and $3,000 for ages 6-17. 

Academic testing module (full IQ and academic testing): $700 for all ages.

All other clinical services are billed at $250 per hour.

Expert Witness & Medicolegal Services 

Questions regarding medicolegal evaluations, independent medical examinations, worker's compensation examinations and other services should be addressed to Dr. Juni directly via phone, fax or email draaronjuni@mdneuropsych.com